BCAA stands for Branched-chain amino acids:

  • prevents fatigue and improves concentration
  • reduces muscle soreness
  • maintains proper hydration levels
  • reduces protein and muscle breakdown during and after an intense exercise
  • 3 amino acids (Leucine, isoleucine, valine)
  • Is anti-catabolic
  • Is useful if you want to prevent muscle loss when doing demanding physical activities (cardio, weight training, sports, etc.)
  • Can be used to make tasteful drinks, popsicles, etc. without any sugar.

BCAA Post Workout after an intense workout has been shown to aid in maintaining muscle growth and the energy required to reduce muscle breakdown. Containing: L-Glutamine for enhanced exercise performance, L-leucine for stimulated muscle growth, Vitamin B6 for energy, and L-Valine for promoted muscle growth and tissue support.

This product improves recovery, helps maintain your muscle mass, reduces soreness, and maintains proper hydration levels during physical exercise.

How do Electrolytes improve performance and function?

Electrolytes regulate nerve transmission and muscle function, help the body stay hydrated, as well as affect blood pressure and maintain blood acidity balance. Electrolytes can even help repair damage in the body.

Electrolytes pair perfectly with BCAAs which improve endurance, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, and help minimize muscle catabolism during intense workouts.


Flavor: Watermelon;
Serving Size: 6.5 Grams;
Servings Per Container: 45;
Bottle Color: Black;
Bottle Size: 292 Grams;
Lid Color: Black

Collections: Supplements

Type: Unknown Type

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